News - I Have a New job

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When I left Project Zebra earlier this year I had no idea what the future would hold. I knew that skills and career-wise I was in a better place than I was a few years ago so that was a good starting point.

My plan was to freelance until the end of 2013 and then over Xmas holidays decide what to do with my life. We’ve talked about moving to where jobs might be: Dublin, Amsterdam, Germany, Scotland. But deferred making a decision on anything until the new year.

I said I’d freelance until a job came up that really excited me. Well, over the last few weeks that’s what has happened. Amazingly it’s in Belfast too!

In a few weeks time I’m delighted to say I’ll be joining the New York-based startup ShopKeep to help build the next phase of their Point of Sale software for iPad. This is a great chance to build high-quality software that is used by thousands of businesses to serve millions of customers - it’s exactly the kind of software I love to build.

The last few weeks has been a blur of Skype calls to New York while trying to prep a conference talk, but somehow it all came together and I’m very happy to have a direction again!

ShopKeep are opening an engineering office in Belfast which will eventually be about 30 people, I think I’m number eight! That will constitute about 1/4 of the company, so I’m getting in early which really excites me as I can make a real difference to the products as the range of products expands and the company moves in to new markets, like the UK.

I’ll be in New York for a couple of weeks in January so if anyone wants any souvenirs let me know ;)