Project Zebra and Me

Spring is time for things that are new. When I founded Project Zebra in March of 2009 I never dreamt it would give me the kind of fun and experiences it has over the last three years. I’ve worked with and met amazing and inspiring people; visited Hollywood studios and great industry conferences; given talks to large crowds of people; represented GB at the Olympics (sort of); made a game for the latest Transformers movie; written scripts and seen them filmed by real actors; negotiated funding rounds; hired staff; laid off staff; and finally made it to a keynote at WWDC! We created games that I’m truly proud of and I learned a huge amount about running a startup - from building ikea furniture to how to scale servers to millions of user sessions and a mountain of stuff in between.

But all good things must come to an end and sometimes you need to change your life up a bit. So I’m leaving Project Zebra in a few months to move on to pastures new. I have no idea what or where those pastures will be - I have a few app ideas that I might start from square one with again, I might do some freelance work or I might end up working somewhere cool, who knows! Exciting eh? :)

Over the next few months we have a couple of great games to ship for some big clients that I can’t wait to tell everyone about, and hopefully after that Project Zebra will go from strength to strength. In the meantime if you think you would like to talk to me about future plans please let me know - I’m open to all kinds of offers/proposals/crazy schemes!

PS. Yes, I know it’s not technically spring yet, artistic licence ;)