The iPhone 5c

I purchased an iPhone 5c on Sunday. I didn’t intend to when I woke up on Sunday morning but since I ended up buying one I thought I’d write a small review in case any of my friends are thinking about buying one too.

First question - why buy one when I didn’t intent to? Well, a two year old (my lovely son) with a rugby ball put paid to my iPhone 5 early on Sunday morning. It was more his fault than mine and I’ll remind him of that frequently but still it left me without a phone. I have an iPhone 5s on order but that is maybe ten days away at this point so I had a void to fill. (Note that I intended to buy a 5c for my wife anyway so we are just bumping up the schedule on this)

To the Apple Store! Luckily I live about a ten minute drive from the Belfast Apple Store and when I got there I found 56 people standing outside the store. I had five minutes to count them :) About 6 of them left when they found out there were no 5s phones available.

As usual I received great service in store, a business “black shirt” entered me on the system on his iPad, noting down what I wanted, and about one minute later a blue shirt arrived with the exact model I was after - 16Gb White iPhone 5c. Very easy, very quick.

We had a bit of a chat about 5s demand - he said they should be getting deliveries every day Monday to Friday but in the last week they only got deliveries on Monday and Thursday so supply really does seem constrained.

So how does the iPhone 5c feel and work?

I was a bit skeptical about this phone - thinking that maybe it would feel cheap or nasty in some way. It does not. It’s a little bit shiny and slippy for my liking but it feels really nice and very solid. Longer term I’d probably get a case for it to have some grip as I think it would fall out of your hand more easily than other recent iPhones.

The only part that feels a little bit un-Apple is the SIM card tray which is very flimsy, hardly a big concern.

After a couple of days now the battery is going really well, I’ve been very impressed by that - it is much better than my iPhone 5 battery was. Apart from that it is identical to an iPhone 5 so I would not recommend updating to a 5c from a 5, but from a 4 or a 4s I would say this is a definite step up.

In summary - the iPhone 5c is nicer than you think!